The Tech Garden

Since 2005, The Tech Garden has helped entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds turn novel ideas into fruitful businesses.

Once a dilapidated garage in the center of the city of Syracuse, The Tech Garden is now home to The Clean Tech Center, Syracuse Tech Meetups, The Germinator and a number of startup companies. Demand for space was so high that in 2015 The Tech Garden expanded into The Tech Garden II, leasing space in AXA Towers II to house startups growing in Syracuse.

The Tech Garden’s mission is to stimulate high-tech entrepreneurship, foster the development of emerging growth companies, and support technology commercialization throughout the region. Start-up technology businesses are offered business plan assistance, mentoring and marketing advice, targeted referrals, networking opportunities and state-of-the-art office space from which to grow their businesses. 

By providing affordable space for early-stage businesses, The Tech Garden helps the region to foster growth and innovation.

As the entrepreneurial hub in the region, The Tech Garden is also home to several other business resources including Launch New York, the Small Business Development Corporation, and the WISE Women’s Business Center.

Learn how The Tech Garden can help you start your business.