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BioSpherix Medical®, located in Parish, NY, designs, manufactures, and sells advanced cell incubation and processing systems for the control and optimization of in vitro cellular environments. Their flagship Xvivo System® is the first cytocentric® isolator, the only barrier isolator designed for cells. The modular design can aseptically close any cell production process, small or large, simple or complex, manual or automated. All analytic, automation, and process equipment can be ergonomically integrated. Full-time optimization of all critical cell parameters, including oxygen, produces cells with superior potency. The Xvivo System is a practical and economical alternative to cleanrooms for cGMP-compliant production of human cells and tissues. Since its founding in 1982, BioSpherix, Ltd. ® has supplied cytocentric equipment and systems to academic, research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations throughout the world for use in basic cell biology and stem cell research, as well as gene and cellular therapies.


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Randy Yerden


(315) 625-8025



25 Union St.
Parish, NY 13131