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Cayuga Marketing, LLC represents a progressive group of dairymen from Central New York. Cayuga Marketing´s history began well over twenty years ago when a group of eight visionary dairymen began working together in a collective manner to bargain for high milk prices. From its humble beginnings, Cayuga Marketing has grown to 26 members with over 32,000 cows who produce 830+ million pounds of milk annually. The members of Cayuga Marketing are the thoughtful stewards of over 50,000 acres of fertile farmland and employ approximately 600 people. Our members are advocates for the dairy industry and strengthening local communities. Cayuga Marketing has recently created a wholly owned subsidiary, Cayuga Milk Ingredients, to manufacture superior quality dairy ingredients for use in the global food and nutrition industries. These ingredients will include: milk protein concentrates, milk protein isolates, cream, skim milk powder, and whole milk powder.


Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry

Main Contact

Kevin Ellis


(315) 364-0070



15 Eagle Dr.
Auburn, NY 13021