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For over 30 years, HealthWay´s advanced air purification technology has been used in a wide range of applications, from military and government use to homes and offices. Our patented Disinfecting Filtration System captures and kills up to 100% of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, allergens and other harmful particles commonly found in the air we breathe. Today more than ever it´s becoming increasingly important that we utilize efficient and effective air cleaners, filters and purifiers in our homes to combat poor indoor air quality´recognized by the U.S. EPA as one of the top health concerns. HealthWay´s line of portable air cleaners and purifiers are ENERGY STAR® rated. And we use the same, powerful DFS technology in our line of commercial air purification systems. We invite you to read more about our products and contact us to speak to an experienced, trained representative to learn how HealthWay air purifiers can help improve your health!


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