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At Jeffrey A. Rogers Executive Business Coaching, we help business owners, leaders, executives, and managers get to where they want to go personally, professionally, and organizationally.

At JRCI, we offer individual and group coaching series and programming to support multiple functions personally, professionally, and organizationally..

I recently had a conversation with a client that made me stop and think

about performance and attitude. Our conversation centered on

Why do some people seem so much more successful than others? We all

have twenty-four-hour, seven-day weeks, right? It became clear to me very quickly that some did what others were simply unable or unwilling to do! They needed additional support, and they needed a thinking partner.

The individuals held accountable for their goals...grew by leaps and bounds!

Why do you ask? They were coached and held to a higher standard! They

were able to achieve their maximum potential from within! That is what we do at Jeffrey A. Rogers Executive Business Coaching. What must you Unlearn, Relearn, and Learn new to be successful today? I bet we can help!


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