Inclusive Growth

The CenterState CEO Inclusive Growth team is dedicated to creating thriving communities through increased prosperity for all Central New York residents. We convene and support partnerships that bring together business and community leadership to address issues of poverty and economic disparity in our region. The Inclusive Growth team ultimately seeks to translate economic growth into economic opportunity, increased wealth, and improved quality of life within low-income communities.

CenterState CEO understands that while the Central New York economy is on the rise, our region suffers from increased rates of poverty. Residents within inner-city neighborhoods, rural communities and, increasingly, inner-ring suburbs struggle to access jobs and build wealth. The dynamics of increased poverty are unsustainable and pose serious long-term threats to our community and economy as a whole, including increased demand for social services, spikes in crime, continued property deterioration and neighborhood blight. Rather than dwell on the problems, however, CenterState CEO is committed to uncovering the hidden assets in our midst. Whether we’re creating career opportunities for the countless talented and motivated low-income residents in our region; empowering would-be entrepreneurs who lack the capital and connections to realize their dreams; or revitalizing the historic building stock within a blighted neighborhood, we believe that some of the most profound opportunities for growth in Central New York can be found in places that are often overlooked.  

CenterState CEO convenes partnerships and facilitates initiatives that:

  • Develop workforce solutions that meet the hiring needs of local employers while creating career opportunities for un-and-underemployed residents;
  • Empower neighborhood-based, minority and other underserved entrepreneurs and business owners;
  • Support local community leaders in their efforts to stabilize and revitalize distressed neighborhoods, towns and villages; and
  • Contribute to the transformation of low-income communities by attracting economic investment and adding jobs within or near targeted geographic areas.

Inclusive Growth Team

Dominic Robinson
Senior Vice President of Inclusive Growth
Honora Spillane
Vice President of Economic Development
John Liddy
Interim Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Aimee Durfee
Vice President of Workforce Innovation
Andrew Obernesser
Director of Community Investment
Lauren Chyle
Director of Inclusive Growth
Dave Dalgety
Facilities Administrator
Jessica DeJohn Barbuto
Assistant Director of Inclusive Growth
Meghan Durso
Senior Manager of Industry Partnerships for Work Train
Shannon Fults
Economic Development Manager
Erik Jankowski
Small Business Manager
Kara Jones
Director of GENIUS NY
Jonathan Link Logan
Director, Northside UP
Beverly Mack
Operations Manager
Kate Oja
Membership Manager, The Tech Garden
Gracie Pardo
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Inclusive Growth
Emad Rahim
Syracuse Surge Entrepreneurship Manager
Laiza Semidey
Syracuse Surge Workforce Manager
Emma Spector
Entrepreneurship Manager
Rebecca Title-Aretsky
Marketing and Events Coordinator, The Tech Garden
Alissa Tubbs
Strategic Operations Manager
Cainaan S. Webb
Syracuse Surge Career Navigator