“Christmas at the Landmark”

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The holiday stars will dazzle on Sunday, December 11, as the Landmark Theatre hosts “Christmas at the Landmark.” A quintessential Christmas celebration featuring the DeSantis Orchestra and guests.

Christmas at the Landmark embodies the heart of Christmas. This luminous musical has traditional Christmas Classics with contemporary offerings in the freshness of the 2022 holiday season. Part of proceeds benefits Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society. 

This performance features some of Upstate New York’s most cherished entertainers, such as baritone Nick Blaney, Gary Branch, Keith Condon, Ronnie Leigh, Michael Ranalli and Joe Whiting, with instrumental performances by keyboardist Jimmy Cox, saxophonist Dunham Hall, and violinist Joe Davoli. All contributing to the “ multi-generational” appeal of The DeSantis Orchestra. Leading the singular performance on the 75th anniversary of her family’s beloved orchestra, is vocalist Maria DeSantis, in loving tribute to her father Mario. 

Christmas at the Landmark features a lavish stage set of all-living trees, that will be planted after the performance to commemorate the event.



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Nov 10th 2022