“Staff Wear Cast for a Day to Walk in Their Patients’ Shoes” Center for Wound Healing Staff Earn Master Caster Certification

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“Staff Wear Cast for a Day to Walk in Their Patients’ Shoes”
Center for Wound Healing Staff Earn Master Caster Certification

(Oswego, NY: January 10, 2022) –Empathy is the human connection to patient care and on Friday, January 7, at The Center for Wound Healing at Oswego Health, as staff earned their Master Caster Certification through the TCC-EZ Master Caster Education Program, they volunteered to each wear a cast for a day, to experience first-hand what it would feel like for their patients.

“We pride ourselves on delivering patient-centered care here at The Center for Wound Healing,” shared Kristen Naylor, RN Clinical Coordinator at the Center for Wound Healing at Oswego Health. “To have the opportunity to not only earn certification but to personally experience what wearing a cast would feel like, like many of our patients suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer; makes us more aware of their individual needs.” 

The six clinical providers earned certification to apply offload casts at the Center and a part of the Master Caster team and underwent a two-hour training program provided by Integra TCC-EZ® Total Contact Cast System specialists today.  Certification is valid for two years.

The TCC-EZ® Total Contact Cast System is used to treat patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers, Charcot Neuroarthropathy, or post-operative surgical foot wounds.  With 9.3% of Americans (approximately 29 million people) having diabetes, and 3.45 million potentially developing a foot ulcer which could lead to lower leg amputations, this certification was essential to the delivery of care for staff at The Center.

The TCC-EZ Master Caster education program is a specialized application and skills program that goes beyond annual competencies and is available for all Center teams interested in enhancing their off-loading standard and practice.

Contact the Center for Wound Healing at Oswego Health to learn more about diabetic foot ulcers or if you have a wound that will not heal. No referral is necessary. To schedule an appointment, please call 315-326-3780 or visit www.oswegohealth.org.



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Jan 10th 2022