2018 Anita Award Winner

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A nomination from a social worker at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse was chosen as the winner of the 2018 Anita Award. Anthony Vigliotti, MD a family practitioner from Chittenango who specializes in hospice and palliative medicine at St. Joseph’s hospital and part-time here at Hospice of CNY is this year’s Anita Award winner.

The Anita Award was established at Hospice of CNY in 1998 by friends and family in memory of Anita Stockman. Its purpose is to heighten awareness of the importance of physician communication and support to patients and their families facing life-threatening illness and to promote this understanding amongst physicians in training.

This award is to be presented to a physician who is attentive to his/her patients, who communicates openly, honestly and sensitively, who respects patient decisions and remains actively involved with the patient in his/her final journey.

Nomination letters for the Anita Award are solicited from people in our community who have witnessed outstanding responsive care from a physician.

St. Joseph’s social worker, Brendan Tanner wrote in her nomination letter:

“I have participated in hundreds of family meetings with him and can personally attest to his compassion, kindness and willingness to listen (often to those we have never had someone show interest in them and their stories). Dr. Vigliotti sits down listens with his ears, mind and heart to patients and their families who struggle with new diagnoses, understanding the medical-ese that they are bombarded with, reviewing options they have, and making very difficult decisions. He is truly able to talk about patient's medical conditions and results of tests and procedures in a way that all of us can understand… with sensitivity and attentiveness to how this information is being received. His gentleness and comfort with silence gives patients permission to think, feel and process what has been said. He takes the time to be with patients and their families.”

“We are very familiar with Tony’s caring bedside manner and are more than happy that Dr. Vigliotti’s professionalism, compassion and gentile manner have been recognized by the community.” commented Dr. Judy Setla, Hospice of Central New York Medical Director. The 2018 Anita Award will be given to Dr. Vigliotti in a ceremony at Hospice of CNY after the first of the year.

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Dec 21st 2018