CenterState CEO Asks Public to be Mindful of Businesses Navigating NYS Mask Easing Guidance

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The easing of masking requirements across the state and locally on Wednesday still means businesses may or may not require fully vaccinated customers to wear masks due to the risk of COVID-19.  The President of Centerstate CEO in Syracuse says everyone is looking forward to experiencing normalcy but, he’s asking the public to cooperate. 

Rob Simpson says it’s really at the discretion of businesses as they have workers and families to keep safe too.

“…And while it certainly feels good to walk outside without a mask or perhaps to walk into a retail shop – if you’ve been vaccinated without a mask, if you’re allowed to.  We want to remind people that there is still a pandemic going on.” 

He adds that the public should remember that mask requirements where you shop or dine will vary, even if you’ve been fully vaccinated. 

“Give those business owners a break.  If they ask you to wear a mask, wear a mask.  If they tell you it’s ok not to and you’ve been vaccinated and you feel comfortable, don’t.  If you haven’t been vaccinated, we’re just asking people to be honest with themselves and be honest with the businesses they’re frequenting about their vaccination status.”

Read the full article and listen to the interview from WAER-FM, here.

Post Date

May 20th 2021