CenterState CEO condemns acts of racism and violence against Asian and Pacific Islander communities

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CenterState CEO condemns all acts of hate, discrimination and injustice, and we join so many others to express our sorrow and anger over anti-Asian violence. The recent act of racism in Atlanta, Georgia resulting in the deaths of eight innocent people, including six Asian Americans, is reprehensible. Unfortunately, there has been an unacceptable and more frequent rise in hate crimes being committed and brought to the forefront.

Anti-Asian racism has existed long before the incident in Atlanta, but we have seen an alarming rise in rhetoric, discrimination, and violence against the Asian community since the onset of the pandemic. While the tragic deaths in Atlanta took place outside the immediate confines of Central New York, we understand that it brings considerable fear, trauma and anger to our colleagues and neighbors close to us. We stand in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, particularly those amongst CenterState CEO staff, members and partners, in the face of these painful acts of violence and racism. Our Central New York community is made richer by the presence and contributions of people of all backgrounds. They add a tremendous amount of vitality to our community fabric through their diversity and contributions to our economy and to our region.

The ongoing atrocities perpetuated to individuals based on race are a reminder that we must continue to not stand silent. We must do more to ensure that individuals of all races and backgrounds are afforded the same level of justice, protection and respect to feel safe within their community.

As an organization, we celebrate diversity in all its forms and commit to continuing the work needed to combat intolerance, racism and injustice. CenterState CEO and Central New York have an opportunity to lead in these moments — through shifting social behaviors and advocating for policies and actions that address racism — in order to create the type of welcoming, tolerant community we all need and want to see.

Take Action

  • Check in with family and friends who are Asian and Pacific Islanders. Asking something as simple as “How are you feeling about this?” or “How can I support you?” can go a long way.
  • Participate in racial dialogues.
  • Take CenterState CEO’s Business Equity Pledge to further your diversity, equity and inclusion goals. The Pledge asks business leaders to commit to building welcoming, inclusive and equitable workplaces across Central New York.
  • Educate yourself on the history of racism, including anti-Asian racism in America.
  • Report hate incidents. If you are a witness to or the victim of a hate incident, report it to Stop AAPI Hate and Stand Against Hatred.

Post Date

Mar 19th 2021