An Epidemic of Open Jobs and the Unemployed in CNY; For Many, Work Doesn’t Work Anymore

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Syracuse, N.Y. -- There are 17,100 people out of work in Central New York and employers are begging them to come back in unheard of ways:

Jammers, a sports bar, is offering a $1,000 signing bonus for everyone from bartenders to dishwashers.

TCGplayer gives free mental health care to hourly workers and their families.

An air filter company’s latest ad for workers boasts: “We pay more than unemployment.”

It’s a seller’s market for low-wage workers like never before.


This push and pull between employers and the labor market is something we’ve not seen in Central New York, said Rob Simpson, president of CenterState CEO, the business advocacy group. The rush to raise wages and heap on bonuses is something not every employer can afford, he said.

“Some businesses can absorb that and some can’t. That’s one of the dangers here. It’s primarily going to impact smaller businesses, and businesses in some industries,” Simpson said.

He said the extra unemployment benefit isn’t the only factor. The child-care crisis, demands of remote schooling and fear of health risks are still real.

Simpson said he thinks some workers need extra financial support.

“I want to be really clear. We’re in an unprecedented circumstance. People have been hurt personally and economically, and there’s support that’s needed for people who don’t have other options,” he said.

But Simpson questioned the method. “I think there’s a better way to get money into people’s pockets, he said. “If you want to stimulate the economy, great. But don’t require them to sit on the sidelines.”

For now, the extra $300 is set to expire in September under federal lawEmployers are counting down the days.


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May 28th 2021