Madison County Manufacturer, Marquardt Switches, latest to join CNY companies in the fight against COVID-19 with switches for medical applications

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Cazenovia, NY [for immediate release] – Marquardt Switches of Cazenovia, designated as an “Essential Business” under the “New York State on PAUSE” Executive Order, will continue to work through the next few weeks and join other essential businesses in the fight against COVID- 19 by providing switches for medical applications.

Marquardt manufactures electro-mechanical switches, controls and wireless communications systems for major industries, including automotive, off-road, truck and other industrial applications.

The company’s “standard switch” division is primarily responsible for supplying switches and controls for life-saving medical equipment, including various medical devices, compressors and generators, communication mechanisms, radios, electronic medical beds, utility appliances, and other essential equipment.

Marquardt will also continue to explore new ways to help during this time of crisis. Many companies are temporarily converting their production sites to help mitigate the worldwide shortage in medical masks and equipment. Marquardt Switches has reached out to local hospitals and healthcare providers to see what supplies they need and how Marquardt can help. If you are a hospital or healthcare provider in need of supplies and think Marquardt could help with production, please send all inquiries to Kirk Wardell at



Marquardt’s ‘standard switch’ division is primarily responsible for supplying switches and controls for life-saving medical equipment, much like the on/off switch pictured here.”


About Marquardt Switches:
Marquardt, based in Germany for 95 flourishing years, employs over 11,000 employees within its 20 global locations in 11 different countries on four continents. Since being founded, Marquardt has expanded its capabilities beyond the conventional flip of a switch or push of a button. Its forward-thinking approach has classified Marquardt as a leading global supplier for the automotive, truck, off-road, power tool, industrial application, and domestic goods business sectors.

Marquardt produces products for automobiles, construction and agricultural machineries, tractor trailers, buses, power tools, medical and laboratory supplies, cleaning and household appliances, and other applications across various markets.

Marquardt Cazenovia employs over 400 people and features a robust, 115,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. This location is responsible for product design and assembly and houses all North American business operations.

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Post Date

Mar 31st 2020