Operations Excellence Helps Businesses & Schools Navigate a Changing Economy & Workforce

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Operations Excellence Helps Businesses & Schools Navigate a Changing Economy & Workforce

Clay, N.Y.  Tuesday, Aug. 23. 2022

Mark O’Donnell started Operations Excellence in 2021 to provide solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in the Central New York area and beyond. After working 35 years to help businesses solve problems, launch new products, reduce costs, increase profitability and retain and promote employees, O’Donnell was well-positioned to found his own consulting company, Operations Excellence. “I love helping people and solving problems. It’s not work…those are my passions,” O’Donnell explains.

Operations Excellence helps small and mid-sized organizations and businesses develop and manage strategic, cultural and structural changes in their organization to achieve the results they want. First, O’Donnell works with each client to help them define their goals. Then, he supports them to achieve results by identifying how to change attitudes and actions aligned to their goals. O’Donnell customizes his approach based on the unique needs of each client. For instance, he has helped businesses increase productivity and sales volume, reduce employee turnover while increasing employee satisfaction, and transition leadership from one generation to the next. 

O’Donnell combines strategic planning, team building, staff development and process improvement with one-on-one coaching to support his clients and target their specific needs to achieve their desired outcomes. He states, “The value I bring individuals and organizations is helping them achieve the results they define. I do that by creating solutions that are specifically tailored to overcome the challenges they face. That’s how I deliver measurable results.” O’Donnell finds individual coaching  particularly effective when organizations are seeking to develop and promote individuals from within the company, build a cohesive, energized, committed, positive team and refine their organizational vision. Additionally, he supports clients who are working on retaining customers, growing their business, improving profits, reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction. 

O’Donnell’s experiences supporting goal-setting, morale-building, teamwork and his work with one-on-one coaching can also be applied to school-based challenges. He is especially well-suited to support schools that are having difficulty identifying and overcoming barriers to achieving the targets outlined in their strategic improvement plans or are facing restructuring that requires long-term planning. 

O’Donnell is affiliated with Trusted Advisors Network LLC, a world-class leader in the areas of business and management training & consulting, life/business coaching and leadership development. “When a client hires me they’re not only getting me and my 36 years’ of experience but also getting the 30+ years’ of experience of Trusted Advisors Network,” notes O’Donnell. “It’s a very powerful combination.”

A Syracuse native, O’Donnell has a BS in Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from Syracuse University and a MBA from Lemoyne College. Before founding Operations Excellence, O’Donnell worked as an Industrial Engineer. He then transitioned to management roles including Director of Engineering, VP of Operations and most recently, General Manager at JR Clancy Wenger Corporation.

To learn more about what Operations Excellence can do for your business, contact Mark O’Donnell at (315) 480-5515 and find him on the web at  https://operationsxcellence.com/


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Aug 23rd 2022