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Take a sneak peak at some of the resources available through Click, CenerState CEO's on-demand chamber resource for small businesses. Vist to login or sign up for full access to all of Click's features.

How To Create a Powerful Business Proposal In 5 Steps

Learning how to craft and deliver persuasive proposals can grow your personal brand equity and fill your sales pipeline. Creating a proposal that truly hits home requires the ability to match your company’s strengths with the problem your client is looking to solve. Get stared with Click's Business Strategy e-book on writing winning proposals, which will walk you through five elements of a successful proposal.

Grants and Incentives

Interested in learning more about Central New York’s economic development resources and incentives? Click's Business Strategy one-pager on Grants & Incentives provides an overview to help your business navigate what's available, and where to access these resources.

19 Important SEO Terms Demystified

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a foundational necessity in today’s business environment. Take advantage or Click's Marketing e-book on Key SEO Terms and Best Practices For Business Leaders. Learn common SEO Terms, explained for the beginne. Understand how your company website can attract as many visitors, or future clients, as possible with the power of SEO.