Reliability Engineering Fall 2021 Open Training

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Develop Your Engineering Skills with Hands-On Weibull Analysis Training 

Three-Day Course Offered Sept. 14-16, 2021 

Quanterion Solutions Incorporated is hosting a three-day Weibull Analysis course as part of its Fall 2021 Open Training to be hosted on Tuesday, Sept. 14 through Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. This hands-on training will be hosted at the San Diego Training and Conference Center in San Diego, CA.

Registration closes Wednesday, Sept. 1. Group disconts are available.

Why do you need to take this course?

Weibull analysis is the starting point to problem-solving for most production reliability and maintainability issues. If you are an engineer, manager or engineering student, you will need to understand basic failure distributions, reliability engineering math, analyses, and data comparisons. Quanterion Solutions' Weibull Analysis course will teach you all that and more. 

What will you learn?

If you apply yourself during the three days of this course, you will learn: 

     • The essential methods and techniques of Weibull analysis 

     • How to use Weibull analysis software to apply these methods to specific problems

     • How to apply risk forecasting with renewal and optimal component replacement

     • And more!

If you want to develop your engineering knowledge, learn how to perform real-world life data analyses and applications to products, or simply deepen your understanding of reliability analyses to enrich your technical career, this course is for you.

Quantitative Reliability Analyses – Practical Approaches

Quanterion Solutions Incorporated's Fall 2021 Open Training also includes another course, Quantitative Reliability Analyses – Practical Approaches, which will also be hosted on Sept. 14-16 at the San Deigo Training and Conference Center. 

Learn more and register for either course at:


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Aug 20th 2021