UNIQUE Art & Literary Magazine is accepting applications

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ARISE Child and Family Service, Inc. (ARISE) is currently accepting submissions for the UNIQUE 2021 Art and

Literary Magazine and extending an invitation for you, a family member, friend or client to submit an



ARISE will accept submission forms for literary or visual art pieces accompanied by 3 to 4

photographs of the art until April 19, 2021. Please do not submit your actual piece of artwork during this

time. If your visual art piece is accepted into the exhibit, you will be contacted with instructions on how and

where to submit your piece. You can download the submission packet at: 


Please complete the packet and email or snail mail with 3 to 4 photographs of your visual art piece or a copy of

your literary poem/piece to bpfohl@ariseinc.org  or

UNIQUE Magazine


635 James St.

Syracuse, NY 13203


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bill Pfohl at 315-671-5438 or email

bpfohl@ariseinc.org. For more information about UNIQUE, or to print more submission packets, please visit

our website at https://ariseinc.org/recreation-art/unique-magazine/.


Thank you and happy creating!


Bill Pfohl


Community Engagement Coordinator

635 James Street

Syracuse, NY 13203

315-671-5438 -Office

In-Office Hours Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Remotely Monday & Wednesday.


Post Date

Mar 16th 2021