Upstate NY-based Chobani among 10 'most innovative companies' in the world

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Chobani, the Greek yogurt giant with headquarters in Norwich and production facilities in New Berlin, has been rated as one of the "World's Most Innovative Companies of 2017."

The new ranking by Fast Company includes companies "that tap both heartstrings and purse strings and use the engine of commerce to make a difference in the world."

Impact is key to being an innovator, according to Fast Company, which researches thousands of businesses to see which are blazing new trails with innovation. Chobani was No. 9 on this year's ranking for "stirring it up in the grocery store."

Here's what Fast Company wrote about Chobani:

The company has also been expanding tastes to win a greater share in the overall yogurt category, where it generates an estimated $1.5 billion in revenue annually. In 2016, it launched a new line of yogurt drinks, more variations on its Flip mix-in product, additional yogurt flavors, and a concept cafe inside a Target in Manhattan.

But the company doesn't want to change taste alone. Chobani funded its own healthy-living food incubator, awarding an inaugural class of six $25,000 each to continue growing in a mission-driven way. The drizzle of honey on top came in April 2016, when CEO Hamdi Ulukaya rewarded his employees with hundreds of millions in shares.


The Top 10 companies on Fast Company's list were:

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Uber
  4. Apple
  5. Snap
  6. Facebook
  7. Netflix
  8. Twilio
  9. Chobani
  10. Spotify