Visit Syracuse Launches “Official Home of Winter” Campaign

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Visit Syracuse Launches “Official Home of Winter” Campaign, Wintry Fun at Destiny, New Videos and a Chance to Win


As one of the snowiest cities in the country, Syracuse usually wins several snowfall awards each year. But this city doesn’t shut down for winter. Instead, residents bundle up and plunge right in. Here, winter is loved, defended and welcomed, which is illustrated in a new campaign by Visit Syracuse.


“Winter is a badge of honor for Syracuse and Central New York and it is time to tell the rest of the world all about it,” said Visit Syracuse President David Holder. "One of the most important rules in marketing is to own what you are. We own winter.”


Visit Syracuse launched this new endeavor to make winter lucrative for the tourism industry and for all local businesses. While the rest of the world braces for the coldest months of the year, Visit Syracuse is rolling out the “ice” carpet for winter and changing the conversation.


In December, the county’s official destination marketing organization kicked off the new winter campaign introducing Syracuse as the Official Home of Winter (including trademark). Visit Syracuse also hired Break the Ice Media to manage and promote the campaign. Their staffers installed a display as big as the season at Destiny USA and introduced a video series on “Winter himself.” Visit Syracuse is also engaging regional tourism partners (including ski resorts) to help build the campaign.



The display, located on the third level of Destiny USA, beside TGI Friday’s, includes a huge Official Home of Winter wall, with six fun characters participating in winter activities. A path of snowflakes leads mall-goers to the display. 



Destiny USA guests are encouraged to enter the WINter Photo Contest by taking a photo of themselves as one of the characters at the winter wall by sharing the photo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and including three hashtags: #CNY #HomeOfWinter #DestinyUSA. A prize will be awarded every week and all winners will be entered into a grand prize drawing at the end of March.



A new video series introduces the world to an underappreciated figure called Winter – who is more than just a season. In fact, he’s a burly, lumberjack-esque individual who is looking to be appreciated for the frosty fun that he brings. Viewers are learning about the bitterness he holds toward his siblings Spring, Summer and Autumn; and the pure joy he gets from dumping inches (OK, maybe feet) of snow on unsuspecting cities. Find the video at



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Don’t call him Jack Frost, or compare him to his father- he’s his own season and does his own thing. For too long Winter has been the least favorite for many - but no more. Get to know Mother Nature’s oldest season, who isn’t quite as cold as everyone thinks he is. Stay tuned for more from Winter in the coming weeks...

Winter doesn’t let a little calendar tell him how to live his life. A snowstorm in October? Nothing he likes better. Send everyone in Florida scrambling for some bread and milk? Now you're having some fun. Stay tuned for more from Winter in the coming weeks...

What does Winter drink? Hot cocoa? Ironic, but yes. Iced coffee? Definitely two of his favorites combined. But his go-to is an ice cold beer, and he's got one frosted up for you. Stay tuned for more from Winter in the coming weeks...

Winter is struggling. He needs a place where he can be himself. He works a lot in desserts and his Etsy shop, he has a lot going for him. But he needs a place where he can feel at home. Stay tuned for more from Winter in the coming weeks...

NYC? They don’t know how to handle Winter. Boston? Winter’s given enough to Tom Brady, thank you very much. Syracuse? Now that’s juuust right. Winter’s finally found his home- what’s next?

In Syracuse, it’s either Winter or it’s not- that’s right, they miss him! Now that Winter has finally found his home, he’s ready to take it all in and start exploring.

Snow way- it’s official! Winter has moved to Syracuse. Where will our favorite season visit first? 

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Dec 20th 2016