Work Train Releases New Data Report for Syracuse MSA

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CenterState CEO’s Work Train team has released a new Workforce Data Report for the Syracuse MSA. This analytic look at current conditions and trends relies on labor market data to help align partners around shared solutions and strategies, spark conversation and support data-driven decision-making to address issues affecting businesses and jobseekers. Read the June 2021 report here. It will be updated and released periodically.

The report is an update on how Syracuse area jobseekers, workers and employers are doing, which sectors are still struggling; and which workers are being left behind. While unemployment in the Syracuse MSA is at its lowest since the start of the pandemic, 18,900 people are still unemployed and women, particularly women of color, are disportionately affected by pandemic related job loss. Work Train is using this data to better understand employer and job seeker needs and find ways to align the two.

Businesses are invited to review and utilize the report's data to inform and support their organizations. It is intended to be a valuable tool as firms look to improve job quality and advance their talent attraction and retention strategies, particularly in the tech, construction, health care and manufacturing industries.

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Jun 14th 2021

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