Incubators & R&D Ecosystem Partners

CenterState CEO's support for early-stage businesses includes access to physical space and wrap around programing through its incubators and accelerators, including its own startup incubator, The Tech Garden, located in downtown Syracuse.

These resources also include access to R&D partnerships with academic and research facilities serving the region, including Syracuse University's Syracuse Center of Excellence and SUNY Upstate's CNY Biotech Accelerator. These partnerships and facilities can assist businesses with their research, development and product commercialization needs to achieve growth. CenterState CEO can also help connect you with subject matter experts and R&D facilities through these partnerships.


The Tech Garden

The Tech Garden is the region’s leading business incubator, operated by CenterState CEO, offering mentoring, space and networking opportunities for those in the local innovation community. A dilapidated garage was renovated to create economical space for businesses to launch. Now with multiple businesses that began in The Tech Garden gaining national attention and a community of more than 1,200 entrepreneurs interested in networking, The Tech Garden is the hub for the local entrepreneurship community.

This innovative, collaborative space allows businesses and ideas to collide. Members of The Tech Garden have access to The Tech Garden's programs and business support, with mentors and entrepreneurs in residence to nurture early-stage ideas and provide insight for later-stage businesses.

Central New York Biotech Accelerator

Central New York Biotech Accelerator (CNYBAC) is an off-campus accelerator serving for-profit startup companies that are actively commercializing a biotech-related product or service.  CNYBAC is owned and operated by SUNY Upstate Medical University - the region's only academic medical center and is located off-campus but in close proximity to Syracuse universities and hospitals.

CNYBAC on-site clients license space in wet labs and can collaborate with Upstate’s clinical and basic science faculty and access state-of-the-art CORE Research Facilities. CNYBAC also offers virtual client tenancy for those companies who do not need full-time wet lab work space but would like to connect with commercialization partners and utilize the CNYBAC Creation Garage maker space with 3D printing/spools/trays and CAD software. All clients gain matched services within a vibrant innovation ecosystem, conference room access for meetings, and attend events.

CNYBAC is located in an Opportunity Zone "where new investments may be eligible for preferential tax treatment."  CNYBAC is also an affiliate Hot Spot partner through The Tech Garden, Central New York's regional Innovation Hot Spot. As such, The Tech Garden can certify eligible CNYBAC clients for New York Innovation Hot Spot Tax Benefits.  CNYBAC also has eligible Start-Up NY allocated space where "new and expanding businesses can gain access to tax-based incentives and innovative academic partnerships."

Learn more about CenterState CEO's partnership with the CNYBAC.


Syracuse Center of Excellence

Led by Syracuse University, SyracuseCoE is New York State’s Center of Excellence for Environmental and Energy Systems - a key asset in Central New York’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. The center is a hub for innovative research and product development to improve indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency in buildings, clean and renewable energy and water resources. One of 13 NYSTAR funded Centers of Excellence, SyracuseCoE strategically brings industry partners together with researchers and students in a thriving culture of collaboration and innovation, ultimately creating new businesses and jobs, strengthening regional and state economies.

SyracuseCoE works with Partners and collaborators to create innovations in environmental and energy technologies that promote sustainable well-being in built and urban environments, offering resources that include:

  • University and Corporate R&D Expertise
  • State-of-the-Art R&D Facilities
  • Industry-Led Product Development
  • Exposure to Funding Opportunities
  • Assistance with Grant Proposals
  • Networking and Intellectual Collisions
  • Focused Economic Development Programs
  • Startup Assistance
  • Business Attraction Opportunities