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The Hotel Syracuse is a historic hotel originally built in 1924, located at 500 South Warren Street, Syracuse, New York. The hotel closed in 2004, and now the Hotel Syracuse Restoration company is renovating the property to integrate the landmark's historical components with modern amenities providing a unique, upscale experience for business or leisure travelers, and the local community. The hotel is also the official headquarters hotel for the Onondaga County convention center. The property will have 261 guest rooms, two historic ballrooms, two historic restaurants, along with completely modernized Imperial ballroom, and addition of eight IACC-approved meeting spaces in the conference center, and a community meeting room for use by local non-profits. The Hotel Syracuse Restoration team is dedicated to preserving the memories of our City's past while creating a vision for our future.


Property Management & Development

Main Contact

Michelle Petragnani


(315) 424-6091



205 S. Townsend St.
Syracuse, NY 13202