RFP: Northside Up Seeks Community Design Charrette for Women's Neighborhood Fitness Space

Posted on May 31, 2018

Northside Urban Partnership




An opportunity to create a welcoming and accessible space in the heart of the Northside where women from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities can improve their well-being through exercise.





PROJECT:                  Northside Wellness Project

DATE:                        June 1, 2018



  1. 1.      Overview


You are invited to submit a proposal for providing Community Design Charrette Services to create a women’s fitness space as described in this Request for Proposals (RFP) directly to CenterState CEO’s Northside UP program at the following address:


Stasya Erickson


Northside UP

 (315) 715-1799



Proposals are due no later than

FRIDAY, June 8, 2018, 5:00 p.m.


  1. 2.      Introduction

In 2016, Northside UP received the Transforming Communities Initiative grant to create a neighborhood wellness center as part of TCI Syracuse - composed of St. Joseph's Health, Onondaga County Health Department, Near Westside Initiative, Northside Urban Partnership, Lerner Center at Syracuse University, and HealtheConnections. In 2017, Northside UP organized a group of neighborhood residents and stakeholders into a project planning team to advise the project and help develop a solution that was the best use for the community. After conversations and small test programs, the work is focused on creating an indoor physical fitness space for women in 2019. The goal is to create a welcoming and accessible space in the heart of the Northside where women from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, age and ethnicities can exercise. This site would include fitness and strength training equipment, flexible space for wellness programming, and care of children during the women’s visit. A nearly 5,000 square foot ground floor storefront has been identified to house the women’s fitness space.


  1. 3.      Project Background

Northside UP is one of the key programs of CenterState CEO’s Economic Inclusion (EI) division. The EI division aims to create thriving communities by translating economic growth into economic opportunity, increased wealth, and improved quality of life within low-income communities. The work of EI is highly collaborative and involves a large number of partners.


Northside UP’s mission is to harness the power of partnership to develop innovative solutions that improve the health and strengthen the economy of the Northside. The program facilitates a variety of activities including those related to community health and wellness.


Northside UP is sponsored by St. Joseph’s Health (SJH). In 2012, Northside UP and SJH connected with community members about health and wellness obstacles in the neighborhood. Many residents voiced their concerns about not having safe and effective means of recreation and exercise. Residents also noted feeling isolated in their homes – and that there were no outlets for activities. These findings were used to apply for funding through the Transforming Communities Initiative.


CenterState CEO is a twelve-county business leadership and economic development organization representing more than 2,000 members and serves as the Central Upstate region’s primary economic, community, and business development catalyst.


The goals of the women’s fitness space project are:

  • Create a welcoming and accessible space in the heart of the Northside where women from all socio-economic backgrounds, age and ethnicities can exercise.
  • This site would include:
    • Fitness and strength training equipment
    • Flexible space for wellness programming
    • Care of children during the women’s visit


Existing background material synthesizing the initial findings from the project will be made available to the successful contractor.



  1. 4.      Scope of Services Required
  2. A.    Community Charrette Process:
    1. Review existing materials to establish and understanding of the project to date including the forthcoming alterative market study.
    2. Work with Northside UP staff and the project planning team to determine the structure, date, and agenda for a community design charrette. Northside UP staff will assist with neighborhood outreach and secure a location.
    3. Provide preliminary design and planning expertise during the charrette utilizing engagement tools necessary to gather input on the design of the women’s fitness space. These may include:

                                                              i.      Focus group meetings

                                                            ii.      Community design workshops

                                                          iii.      Work sessions to develop strategies and recommendations

                                                          iv.      Presentation of concepts

  1. Develop a report and plans with recommendations that:

                                                              i.      Identify opportunities and constraints for the project

                                                            ii.      Identify the preferred design for the space

                                                          iii.      Develop signage

                                                          iv.      Provide conceptual drawings

                                                            v.      Provide cost estimates based on conceptual drawings

  1. B.     Project Deliverables (Construction Documents subject of a future RFP):
    1. Complete hard copy set of final materials
    2. Electronic copy of final materials


  1. 5.      Qualifications Submission Requirements

Qualifications may be made in standard office format on company letterhead that contain the following information in the following order:


  1. Contact Information: Provide the complete name, address, and telephone numbers of the firm and for the person who would be the primary contact for this project.
  2. Service Capability: Provide evidence demonstrating the ability of your firm to provide all of the services required for this project. Such capability includes the holding of all required licenses, certifications, etc. to perform the required services. If any outside consultants are being proposed to provide any of the required service, they must be so identified.
  3. Qualifications: Please provide the names and qualifications, in resume format, of all professional staff who would be engaged in providing the required services for this project.
  4. Prior Experience: Please indicate your firm’s prior experience in working with the types of issues that are the part of this project. Specifically indicate experience in community design charrette projects.
  5. Time Schedule: Please provide a proposed time schedule indicating the date your firm is available to start the required work and dates for completion of each of the services described. Time schedules may be shown in terms of “days after award of contract” or calendar dates.
  6. Fee Proposal: A fee proposal is required with the submission. 
  7. Any special provisions or conditions which could affect either the time schedule or your ability to provide services must be clearly identified with your qualification.


  1. 6.      Selection Criteria


Qualifications received in response to this RFP will be reviewed by Northside UP staff. Based upon the quality of the information submitted, interviews may or may not be required. The qualifications will then be evaluated based upon their own merit and subsequently ranked in order of overall qualifications presented.


The selection criteria that will be used to rank the responding firms, in order of importance, will be as follows:


  1. Capability: Demonstrated ability of the firm to perform all of the required services.
  2. Qualifications: Individual qualifications and list of proposed personnel for this project as presented by the firm.
  3. Experience: The extent and quality of prior relevant experience, specifically those in the neighborhood or similar contexts.
  4. Availability: Timeliness of the proposed time schedule.
  5. Responsiveness: Overall responsiveness to the RFP based upon the information submitted by the firm.
  6. Fee:  Fee proposals will be considered but will not be the sole factor in selection.  Northside UP staff reserves the right to select a firm that is not the lowest cost proposer.




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