Driving Inclusive Tech Industry Growth Through Syracuse Surge

Posted on May 10, 2023

Syracuse Surge Pop-Up 2023

Respondents to CenterState CEO’s 2023 Economic Forecast cited the availability of skilled personnel and workforce among the top pressures for their business, with 72% expecting an increase in hiring. Right now, thousands of jobs are available at regional employers, with more on the way in the tech industry with Micron’s impending arrival to Central New York.

National trends show similar workforce demands in manufacturing and tech. According to Deloitte’s 2023 Manufacturing Industry Outlook, job openings in the manufacturing industry are hovering near all-time highs, at 800,000, and manufacturers have increased their digital investment over the past few years, accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies. These firms are pursuing a range of talent attraction strategies to address workforce priorities.

Syracuse has an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on these areas of growth, accelerate its potential as one of America’s smartest cities and excel as a global leader in the New Economy.

CenterState CEO is actively partnering with the city of Syracuse, Onondaga County and leading local institutions to advance several Syracuse Surge-led workforce training and advancement programs focused on both the needs of employers and unlocking the untapped potential of individuals from historically underrepresented communities (often un- or underemployed) and creating opportunities for career paths and wealth generation. Syracuse Surge is the city of Syracuse strategy to drive inclusive economic growth through investments in talent; workforce development; minority, women, veteran and disabled owned (XBE) business development and community engagement.

To accomplish this dual mission, CEO actively convenes and collaborates with employers and training and community partners to understand workforce needs, skills in demand and how to better reach and prepare more members of the community to fill these jobs. These paid programs include opportunities for training, career exploration and networking, and direct connections to employers to create pathways to in-demand, local careers in high-tech manufacturing.

Training partners work with local employers to design curriculum and programs to meet the specific needs of skills and jobs that are most in demand.

Several local employers that offer full-time, livable wage jobs with career paths are actively partnering with these programs. They build relationships with participants early in the career exploration process, from participating in site tours and informational popup events, to engaging early in the application process, often conducting on-site interviews at the conclusion of the program.

New employer partners are always welcome. To learn more contact Meghan Durso, senior manager of Industry Partnerships for Work Train, or Laiza Semidey, Syracuse Surge workforce manager.

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